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DECOR TEAMTop Team OfExcellence, Providing All-Round Originality

Guangzhou Deco Decoration Design Engineering Co., Ltd. has a number of top designers and elite teams. The unique design team and service concept have enabled us to obtain design honors, one-stop comprehensive professional services and perfect business models. In combination with the rapid development of China's rapid economic development in recent years, the “Deco Decoration” design team is gradually moving towards “professionalization and professionalism”, and has participated in office space, commercial space, and medical care. Large-scale projects such as stadiums, five-star hotels, etc., the company specializes in the design of the latest design trends and customer needs, to "tailor-made" the best solution for customers, to achieve the perfect embodiment of customer value.

In the face of every project, Deco will s-et up a project ad hoc group led by senior senior designers. Relying on deep professionalism and long-term practical experience, f-rom the professional point of view, in-depth study and investigation of the project, find the project individualized solutions in professional design, market conditions and customer needs. In order to provide customers with more exquisite professional services, the design department s-et up an office space project group, a commercial display space project group, and the hotel real estate project team has more detailed division and higher efficiency.

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